My Environmental Portrait commissions are something new I am introducing.  It's basically a personalized art piece.  In my fine art work, I create portraits of women within beautiful outdoor environments.  This is something I want to bring to everyone.  Please see this ongoing series here. 

The portrait will be the result of both parties putting our heads together to create something that you will love to look at every day, something you're proud of, something that will become an heirloom.  

This is not a portrait of you.  If you want one of those, I will gladly shoot a standard portrait session with you... This is a portrait of you within an environment that reflects what you love most in nature.  Which means, we might not see your face, it might just be a silhouette of you, it might be far away, it might be foggy. Who knows.  But the point is, the result will not be a standard smiling face, the result will be a fusion of our personal artistic tastes.  

There are many ways we can accomplish this portrait.  It can be as intensive or as simple as you choose.  That's why there is such a variance in price.  It all depends on what we do.  Don't have any idea what you'd like?  Let me suggest ideas for you and show you inspirations.  Know exactly what you want?  Let's get started.

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